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Power Supplies

Dedolight Power Supply for DLED4.1-BI

The DT4-BI Power supply with variable dimming and Variable colour Daylight to Tungste…

£354.60 ex VAT

Dedolight Bi Colour Power Supply for 12V Batteries

The DT4-BI-BAT-AB, Battery power supply with variable dimming and Variable Bi colour.…

£304.00 ex VAT

Dedolight Power Supply for Daylight and Tungsten Heads

The DT4 Power supply with variable dimming, for Dedolight Tungsten heads.

£263.70 ex VAT

Wooden Camera - 24V Power Supply (3pin XLR Female)

24V Power Supply for 3pin XLR cameras and adapter cables like the 3pin XLR to Alexa M…

£179.00 ex VAT

Sound Devices XL-WPH3 AC To DC Power Supply

Universal, 45 W in-line AC-to-DC power supply Hirose 4-pin DC plug; with detachable I…

£135.00 ex VAT

Dedolight Single Colour Power Supply for 12v Batteries

The DT4-BAT-AB.  Battery power supply with variable dimming. 

£135.00 ex VAT

Sound Devices XL-WP3 Universal Power Supply

The XL-WP3 Universal Power Supply from Sound Devices works with 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz a…

£110.00 ex VAT

Wooden Camera - 15V Power Supply (4pin XLR Female)

15V Power Supply for 4pin XLR cameras like Panasonic VariCam and VariCam LT, Sony F55…

£107.00 ex VAT

Convergent Design AC Power Supply for Odyssey 7/7Q

The Convergent Design Odyssey AC Power Supply comes equipped with an international AC…

£85.00 ex VAT

Dedolight Power Supply for DLED2

Dedolight Power Supply for Ledzilla®, Iredzilla and Fluoreszilla.

£48.60 ex VAT