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Redrock Micro microMatteBox additional Filter Stage with Filter Tray

the microMatteBox Filter Stage enables you to add one additional filter stage to your…

£199.17 ex VAT

Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA Filter Tray 4"x 4"

Manufactured from hard anodised aluminium, our brackets offer maximum flexibility all…

£99.97 ex VAT

Bright Tangerine 4" x 4" Filter Tray for Misfit

This is a 4" x 4" Bright Tangerine Filter Tray for the Bright Tangerine Misfit matte …

£75.37 ex VAT

Bright Tangerine VIV 5" Filter Tray 4"x5.65" & 4"x4" Horizontal Combined Filter Tray

This is a 4" x 5.65" and 4" x 4" horizontal combined Bright Tangerine Filter Tray for…

£74.97 ex VAT

Redrock Micro microMatteBox 4x4"/4x5.65" Dual Size Filter Tray

The microMatteBox Dual Size Filter Tray fits inside the microMatteBox universal filte…

£66.25 ex VAT